627 Fairview Road Baileyton, AL 35019

Last summers challenges was obviously the drought. For the most part it didn’t affect us that bad because 75% of our crops was on irrigation. Our row crops- beans, peas and corn was what really suffered. This year we face bigger challlanges and that’s the rain. We have had so much of it we couldn’t get in the fields. We had to start a lot of crops by transplant that normally would have been direct seed. Doing this allowed us to start the seed when we normally would have but adds a little more work for us. We are in a “in between” phase in our crops that works out perfect for our beach trip. We are on that mythical thing call “vacation” for a week with family at the beach.

We want to take a moment to thank all of our new friends that came out to see us at a Twisted Tree in Madison. We are looking to schedule a few more trips up there this summer and fall.