627 Fairview Road Baileyton, AL 35019

This weekend was a weekend full of ups and downs but also reminds us of the full circle of life. Saturday when we got back from The Marketplace at Lee’s Branch our dog of 13 years Oreo passed away. Oreo had been sick for about a year but hadn’t suffered until Friday night into Saturday. Oreo was mine and Liz’s first dogs. 

Sunday morning we got up to do chores and found a new litter of pigs. I noticed as I went to the berk piglets that “momma pig” as the boys call her, came up and oinked like she was talking to her babies. If you have never heard it before the mother pig will talk to her babies. I finished up with the Berks and as I walked back up toward the house I noticed “momma pig” wasn’t with all the other pigs eating. I walked out to the back field and she had a beautiful litter of solid white and black and white piglets. She had 11 with three being all white and eight being black and white. 

Sunday afternoon we planted green beans, purple hull pink eye peas, squash and zucchini. We did our best to beat the rain it looks like we are going to have the next 10 days or so.