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Find out how we operate at our farm

We are a local ,Veteran owned small farm that will provide quality bush hogging, garden tilling and other work. We also grow and sell fresh produce and raise cattle and pigs.

Our Animals

We breed and raise cows and pigs.  We also have chickens with a flock of laying hens. and we seasonally produce slow-growing heritage breeds of broiler chickens on pasture..

Our Meat

This is where you would say alot of great things about the meet you sell.

Meet Greg

This is where we would put alot of great things about Greg and why he started Veteran Farms

Our Customers

Customer 1
Customer 1
First deliver made. Super happy customer (even if he isn't smiling lol).Thank you Jerrell and Stephanie!!
Customer 2
Customer 2
Another happy customer!
Customer 3
Customer 3
We got the Pork!

Veteran Farms is a small family farm located in Baileyton, Alabama. We raise a variety of animals such as pigs, cattle and chickens. Our primary products for sales are pork, beef and produce. We also offer quality bush hogging and garden tilling


Phone: (256) 962-1642 627 Fairview Road Baileyton, AL 35019